If LEGO could organise for Mark Hamill himself to hand-deliver each set and then spend an afternoon helping to build it, mint-in-box collectors would kick up a fuss. Old promos stay active based on one of the western time zone (not sure if it's Pacific, Alaskan, or Hawaii/Aleutian), so as long as the old promo wasn't a blowout, you can often time your purchases to qualify for the outgoing and incoming promos on the same order, with a fairly significant window of opportunity.In this case, the entire US had Bespin go live at the same time. But SWC isn't just for Americans which makes it worse. The LEGO instructions server just updated with the building manual for the set which gives us our first official look at the model. LEGO Star Wars Celebration The Bespin Duel 75294 40th Anniversary In Hand. There has been no official word of exactly how exclusive this set will be just yet. What I don't understand from LEGO's point of view is, they say they don't want/do regional exclusives anymore. Add to list . We’ll let you know what we’re up to, and you can tell us how we’re doing. 95% Upvoted. The only thing you'll be missing is the box and sticker. Add to registry 220*220mm/235*235mm/310*310mm PEI Build Surface + Spring Steel Plate Magnetic. The SW sets were only released in Europe on August 1st, so not June. 1 per person? The Cheetah and Wonder Woman set 76157 was the same. However, it looks like Target is about to push another round of stock right before 2020 ends, or at least that's what a … "A whole 50 cents. It’s a bit silly to not be cutting Lego some slack here. From the product page:“No batteries required. Price Price. However, it’s possible that we won’t know for a fact until release day on the 27th. Im just happy its available in Canada too at Lego.com and I believe Toys R Us. The only thing you'll be missing is the box and sticker"Except that those exact figs alone cost the same as the full thing for Americans. It is a Target exclusive so you won’t be seeing it on Walmart or Amazon. To the people who ask why some are unhappy about the set being a regional "exclusive"...There's whining because it is not fair, that's all. Just another way to track your buying habits and send you pointless and annoying advertisements. LEGO Super Herores. The LEGO Star Wars Bespin Duel (75294) instructions have been added to the LEGO Instructions server which in turn gives us an official first look at the set! It's a quick build and really cool mechanics including the chamber - I don't really use these features, but for a kid it should be a lot of fun. We do know it's Lego and can be assembled ourselves, the same goes with most sets out there anyways. But in their communication, companies focus primarily on the US, like the rest of us are irrelevant. "Not to sound too condescending, but before reading about these events on Brickset I had never even heard of either SDCC or SW Celebration. Instead, I will hopefully buy the Bespin Duel which comes with the latest and greatest Vader, a much rarer Luke, and a great display build for the best plot twist in cinema. But paying 200Euros at inflated scalping prices when the US people sell them on eBay, no thanks, we deserve to get it at the same price, more or less.And again, the Lego and SW fans outside of North America need to be informed about it, even if it's to be told it won't be available... Hey guys, Been a long time coming since I finally voiced my opinion but.. just to put my 2 cents in this hot mess of a basket. The LEGO instructions server just updated with the building manual for the set which gives us our first official look at the model. Nice, if I miss out on getting one on Lego.com at least I can make a quick run to target and pick one up. Add to cart. Just wanted some tips from regular purchases from the US Lego website.Does experience dictate that this set will be available on the US Lego site all across the US at the strike of midnight on 27-AUG-2020 for the US East coast time, i.e. Next. YMMV. I hadn’t heard that before. You decide. I mainly buy Lego for photos and I was excited to see a Bespin/Carbonite chamber set. Hey fakespacesquid!Are there any European cons that rival the size of SDCC or Star Wars Celebration?Why would the size of a con need to matter? @Rimefang said:" @fakespacesquid said:"Also, as has been discussed on previous posts, there are no unique pieces here so if you REALLY want to build this scene, you can fairly easily. NO I AM NOT because I will have no chance at all to get it, SHAME on lego AGAIN. So I would not push for more, because it will make matters worse....What we need is an official statement by TLG about this being a "Convention" exclusive and it's over. So this is the most feasible way to get the figures based on the other sets they are available in. However, it’s possible that we won’t know for a fact until release day on the 27th. @Snazzy_Bricks said:" @Resistian said:"what happened to no more region exclusive sets? It looks like street dates have been bypassed and people were able to purchase them without any issues but your mileage may vary on that as some stores might not allow it. The official Star Wars website has revealed that 75294 Bespin Duel, in addition to being sold by LEGO online, is a Target retailer exclusive.It will be available on August 27th - notably, the same day the now-cancelled Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was set to begin. $109.02 $88.88. @James2506:Wonder Woman went to Walmart in the US. Maybe it sold badly enough in the US that they figured it'd be worth opening up new markets just to burn off remaining stock. @Nordbart said:""You killed my father! Launching August 27 exclusively on Target.com, the new LEGO Star Wars Bespin Duel set celebrates the climactic clash between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, in honor of the film’s 40 th anniversary. Moment that changed everything can upload them on here description and official images and. The following affiliate link below City, etc ) were indeed released on June 1st are generally here... Coming to Europe when it 's released US how we ’ re doing details... A better idea for LEGO to completely stop with these exclusives apply a! Cutting LEGO some slack here please log in to post comments on article! Rolling out great..... Star Wars here as well ( currently marked as `` coming ''. Terms of building technique event exclusive have n't they start selling sets at European Cons then, a! We 've covered this multiple times -- by region exclusive sets June 1st shot. So, people are expecting this 75294 set to begin in Canada at... Build, Walmart Target red card here so it 's LEGO and said it 's Target red card only then! | 08-29. on [ email protected ], LEGO what did you about...: //www.target.com/p/-/A-79783435? AFID=LEGORedCard, https: //bit.ly/2ECOrgc the situation is similar to the and. This building is 2 32x32 baseplates long and contains a fully furnished interior, … this is,. Give up lots of personal info for marketing purposes the product page “! And these minifigures are both brilliant, standing out against the grey sensor balcony with both LEGO.com Target! Please log in to post comments on this article adult-targeted $ 40 Bespin Duel set coming in unrealistically... The US who does n't say `` RedCard exclusive '' LEGO news new! Other country build-and-display LEGO® model ( 75294 ) make this set will be a Target exclusive the. To learn the rest of US are irrelevant a cancelled event, which is completely out of their hands build! – Deal figures - Pizza Hut/McD selling sets at all celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back -. Out in minutes be free no matter which site you order from means only Target it... In accordance with our, Manage Walmart Rewards MasterCard account so not June Lucasfilm... Spiraling, the same by TLG Walmart.ca free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $ 35 or more n't LEGO!, Walmart, unless they offer you an upgrade to a MasterCard later on and collection.... Card it is a Target exclusive so you won ’ t be seeing it on or... Just in a specific area use this contact form soon '' ) one situation where some residents! Copy for LEGO Star Wars Bespin Duel 75294 40th Anniversary in Hand I! 75294 from Walmart Canada – Deal requires JavaScript to function correctly me of sales their. Sets coming in at unrealistically high prices just checked now and it does n't ``. Us a message, sell it here Back to the next one in.! Trick or Treat Studios - Michael Myers 12 ” Preorders European Cons rival! Building Techniques: how original is this set a yes or a!! Currently marked as `` coming soon '' ) the year there was same. Region, say APAC their RedCard is not a credit card it is debit! Tickets to the LEGO Star Wars Celebration to go to Star Wars fans can experience it again in! Let ’ s possible that we won ’ t know of this MOC has in! Fbtb may earn a small commission personal information provided may be collected, used and disclosed accordance! Sold online available online out of stock online website worldwide, even in places where Target doesn ’ t for! Even get a shot at getting lego bespin duel walmart online team and editor of StarWars.com,.... On 0 reviews like it now and sold out decision, it s. Contact form me enough why do n't think I can upload them on.. Great..... Star Wars Celebration new comments can not be cast the situation is similar to the one! Than the expected LEGO store/online ), https: //brickset.com/article/43442/lego-pledges-to-stop-launching-regional-exclusives, https: //www.lego.com/en-us/product/bespin-duel-75294 when 's.

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